Hello everybody! 🙂

It’s finally here! FRIDAY!
That means for me, watching the new episode of Greys Anatomy and being as lazy as possible.

Every few weeks it also means, that I get to share a fay off with my husband.
We have morning skype sessions while he plays his video games and I try my very best to not fall back to sleep and drool all over the bed. We might be married, but there are things that you don’t want your partner to see if you can avoid it. At least at this early stage of our marriage 😉
That’s what keeps me going, and so far he hasn’t broken his promise he gave me before he left. We skyped every single night so far.
We’ll see how the last half of the deployment goes!

Now enough of chocolate and chips and time to get into bed without having to set an alarm for the next day. That’s the best feeling either way, right? 😉

I’ll talk to you soon!
…You get it.


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