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Hello everybody!

The last few weeks have been a little hectic and crazy. My husband got back from his first deployment, we’ve been running around on base for hours, filling out forms to start my green card process and finding out where we will be moving in July.

Last week we finally got to find out what state will be our new home.
We’ll be moving to: UTAH!

My husband is extremely excited since his brothers are stationed there as well and he wanted to be close to family so badly.
And me… well I’ve always wanted to leave Germany. The country I was born and raised in. I love it here, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve always had the feeling that I belong somewhere else.
Knowing where we’ll be going this July is weird. I dunno how I feel about it.
Of course I am excited! Can’t wait to move to the states and start a new adventure with my husband. But the second I read UTAH on the computer screen, it hit me. I knew I’d have to leave my family but it got so real and scary. Does any of you know what I’m talking about?
When I saw my parents faces when I told them… I don’t even know. Happy and incredibly sad at the same time. I’m not a mum yet, but seeing your baby moving thousands of miles away is probably very hard for every parent…

I have never been to Utah and this is our first time PCSing as well. So any kind of information or helpful advice is appreciated! 😀

Alrighty, I hope you’re all having an awesome Sunday and I’ll get up and get breakfast now 😉

Talk to you soon!


The first one.

It’s finally over!
The time of seeing each other very pixelated, trying to reconnect the call and waiting for ages in front of a weird looking frozen picture on the screen because the internet died right when you or you’re partner had to yawn or something like that.


He’s finally home.

I know that some couples have to go through deployments which are 9 or 12 months long or even longer.
But for the first one, 6 months were enough.
Before he left, everybody in his shop or every friend we talked to said ‘The first one is gonna be the worst one!’
And yes, it sucks to be alone and not being able to hug and kiss your love whenever you want. But I really have to say, that if this was the hardest deployment we had to go through, then the next one is gonna be easy!
A friend of mine is having a really hard time with her husband being gone and she cries almost every day, never leaves the flat and always stays alone at home and stuff like that. But that takes up so much of your strength that it will only make the 6 months longer and seem more endless.
If you stay busy and keep yourself entertained, you will do real good at it.

For right now, we’re incredibly happy it’s over though.

While I was waiting in the terminal where they arrived the time felt like it was standing still. Just moments away from being back in his arms I felt like it would take another few months for him to get here.
As the first Airmen started leaving the plane I got closer to the glass that kept us separated from the arriving people, put my homecoming sign I made against the glass and waited… and waited… and waited.
And finally, after 190 days, there he was. Right in front of me, only separated by a thin wall of glass.
He turned around and when he saw me he had the biggest smile on his face and I couldn’t hold back the tears.

The time until he had his bags and was able to get out felt like forever again.
Once he was finally ready to leave the terminal I hurried outside and ran up to him, we both dropped what we had in our hands and we just hugged and didn’t let go for the next at least 5 minutes.

After a lot of kisses and ‘I missed you so much!’ and after I finally stopped crying, we headed home.

Now it’ll probably take him a little while to adjust to normal life again and especially to the cold weather!

Enough for now, I’ll talk to you soon!
Yeah, you get it…

The last weekend.

Hello everybody!

Sooooo, it’s here. The last weekend before my husbands deployment is over. The last weekend that I’ll spend by myself.
Well it won’t be hus last deployment but at least the last weekend alone until he has to leave again.

It feels… kinda weird. Not bad weird, obviously! But he’s been gone for quite a while now and I’m so used to doing everything by myself. Like grocery shopping, cleaning the flat, kill the spiders (they are my biggest fear and I had to kill 2 of em the day he left, so I think the spiders know I’m alone atm!)…
It feels kinda weird that he’ll soon be back home with me and sleep in the same bed as I do and everything.
Is this normal?
I have absolutely no clue since it’s the first deployment.

I’ve got so much left to do before he gets home that I don’t even know when to do it. I’m probably gonna try to squeeze everything into this very very short weekend and probably gonna be ready for another weekend by Monday.

At least his homecoming sign that I’ll take to the airport with me is done! One point of the endless list is done! WOHOOOOO!

And now I better get going and start cleaning the flat!

I’ll talk to you soon!!
Well kinda…

Happy New Year!!!

Hello everybody and welcome to 2016!

I hope you all had an amazing new years eve! How did you survive the first two days of 2016 so far? Any new years resolutions?
Mine is to be the best wife I can be! And to not fail my final exam 😉

I’ve celebrated the new year by having some champagne and working at my parents restaurant! Wohoo, party animal!

The new year brought me and my husband the end date of his deployment. He finally got his ticket and when he told me that he was coming home i cried bunches!
It’s still a little bit to go and he has to stay a bit longer than ee thought he had to but at least we do have an end date. Even though every person who knows just a little bit about the military knows that it could change the second he wants to get on the plane!

So I started making a homecoming sign and I’ll start to buy everything he’s been missing for the last 6 months to keep up the excitement!

I hope you will all have an awesome 2016!!

See you later!
… well we will talk soon! 😉