The fever.

Hello everybody!

My husband and I have been married for 10 months now. Well, almost.

But even before we met, every time I saw a tiny little human being, my heart started beating a little faster. And lately it has only started to get worse.

Every time someone asks us ‘Do you want kids?’ I go ‘YES!!’ and start daydreaming about our future family. I have always wanted to be mummy.

But to become a mummy, you kinda also need a daddy! So before we got married last year, I sat my future husband down and said ‘We need to talk.’ Which is ALWAYS! a great thing to say when you wanna start a conversation with your partner. After he got that “oh god what is she gonna say next”-look off his face I asked the question that I wanted to ask for soooooo long!
‘How many kids do you want?’
For some people it might be the question they ask before getting into a serious relationship. But for both of us being only 21, we had never really talked about it.
Thankfully his answer was ‘3.’ which was very close to my perfect number of 4. So we agreed… let’s be honest, I agreed with myself that 4 was perfect for us and we have wanted 4 kids ever since.

Lately everybody around us is getting pregnant or just had a baby and they are all THE MOST ADORABLE BABIES I’VE EVER SEEN!!
Which is not helping my baby fever at all!
Their tiny little hands and those tiny little feet and those incredibly adorable cheeks! Am I the only one who’s crazy about tiny and cute baby feet?

I already have lists for boy and girl names. I know, I’m crazy.

I know there is a lot more to it than just cuddling and snuggling the little one all day long, but we’ll think about that when we get there πŸ˜‰

Luckily my husband and I, this time it was really both of us, agreed on trying for a little munchkin ourselves next year.
I feel like 2017 can’t some fast enough, even though 2016 has just started!

Well, enough about how crazy I am when it comes to babies.

I hope you will have an amazing weekend and I’ll get back to watching Fuller House now!

Talk to you later!
You get it…


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