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Happy New Year!!!

Hello everybody and welcome to 2016!

I hope you all had an amazing new years eve! How did you survive the first two days of 2016 so far? Any new years resolutions?
Mine is to be the best wife I can be! And to not fail my final exam 😉

I’ve celebrated the new year by having some champagne and working at my parents restaurant! Wohoo, party animal!

The new year brought me and my husband the end date of his deployment. He finally got his ticket and when he told me that he was coming home i cried bunches!
It’s still a little bit to go and he has to stay a bit longer than ee thought he had to but at least we do have an end date. Even though every person who knows just a little bit about the military knows that it could change the second he wants to get on the plane!

So I started making a homecoming sign and I’ll start to buy everything he’s been missing for the last 6 months to keep up the excitement!

I hope you will all have an awesome 2016!!

See you later!
… well we will talk soon! 😉