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The year is coming to an end…

Hello everybody!

It’s been a while since I wrote something on here. I just didn’t feel like it.

Either way, I hope you all had an awesome time with your families and friends, no matter if you celebrate christmas or something else or if you just had a few nice days off.

This year I spend christmas alone for the very first time. My husband, who’s still deployed, obviously couldn’t be here. My parents, grandma and brother spend christmas in New York. I sadly couldn’t go with them since I had to work.
And so I was left with the family dog. Who has already puked on my carpet 3 times since he’s here with me. Lovely!

But anyways, we decided that we’d celebrate once the hubby is finally back home from the deployment which will be some time in January.

And let me tell you something, christmas all by myself SUCKED!
I’m used to a busy christmas day with all the family members running around and preparing christmas dinner and trying to sneak into some presents.
But this year was really quiet. And so once again it showed me what really matters for christmas.
I know everyone loves presents, and I myself love giving gifts to other people and seeing them open them. But none of that matters when you’re all alone.
Family is the important thing at this time of the year.
I might be 21 but on that day, all I wanted was my mummy, daddy and grandma with me.
No one knows how many more christmases we will have with our loved ones and so we should cherish every wingle second we get to spend with them. Not just for the holidays but every single day.

Ok, so enough for this one.

Havean awesome time with your loved ones and I’ll see you soon!
… not literally, you know.