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The first one.

It’s finally over!
The time of seeing each other very pixelated, trying to reconnect the call and waiting for ages in front of a weird looking frozen picture on the screen because the internet died right when you or you’re partner had to yawn or something like that.


He’s finally home.

I know that some couples have to go through deployments which are 9 or 12 months long or even longer.
But for the first one, 6 months were enough.
Before he left, everybody in his shop or every friend we talked to said ‘The first one is gonna be the worst one!’
And yes, it sucks to be alone and not being able to hug and kiss your love whenever you want. But I really have to say, that if this was the hardest deployment we had to go through, then the next one is gonna be easy!
A friend of mine is having a really hard time with her husband being gone and she cries almost every day, never leaves the flat and always stays alone at home and stuff like that. But that takes up so much of your strength that it will only make the 6 months longer and seem more endless.
If you stay busy and keep yourself entertained, you will do real good at it.

For right now, we’re incredibly happy it’s over though.

While I was waiting in the terminal where they arrived the time felt like it was standing still. Just moments away from being back in his arms I felt like it would take another few months for him to get here.
As the first Airmen started leaving the plane I got closer to the glass that kept us separated from the arriving people, put my homecoming sign I made against the glass and waited… and waited… and waited.
And finally, after 190 days, there he was. Right in front of me, only separated by a thin wall of glass.
He turned around and when he saw me he had the biggest smile on his face and I couldn’t hold back the tears.

The time until he had his bags and was able to get out felt like forever again.
Once he was finally ready to leave the terminal I hurried outside and ran up to him, we both dropped what we had in our hands and we just hugged and didn’t let go for the next at least 5 minutes.

After a lot of kisses and ‘I missed you so much!’ and after I finally stopped crying, we headed home.

Now it’ll probably take him a little while to adjust to normal life again and especially to the cold weather!

Enough for now, I’ll talk to you soon!
Yeah, you get it…


My husband, the big child.

Hello everybody!

My husband recently asked me to send him his retainer to where he is right now.
After me reminding him of the discussion whether he would need it or not, where I was sure that he would want it at some time, I got up and grabbed the retainer and the smallest package I could find to send it off.
We all know that women are usually right in discussions either way 😉

But as I was about to go and ship off the package I thought, wait… do you really want to just send the retainer? Of course not!!

So I went to the toy store in our coty and grabbed 2 bionicles, because I remembered that he once told me that sometimes his days off are quite boring since there’s not much to do in the desert, other than building sand castles, and I guess that sucks after the first sandstorm hits you.
So I packed those as well and though it might make him smile.

So I sent it off and today he got it and I woke up to about 5 messages of him saying that we was dieing to build those bionicles asap and how happy he was about them. I would have never expected a reaction like that!
Ok I gotta admit that he is a huge nerd. He’s got a mancave and we have nearly every console that you can think of. But that he would be so excited about those toys was just awesome!
When he called me on skype tonight and I answered he was already building the first bionicle, despite the fact that he has to get up extra early tomorrow morning, he HAD TO! build it right then and there! And so he ended up making his bionicle fight the other one and he was just amazed and I think tonight he had an extra hard time to try and go to sleep instead of playing with his new toy.

Finally I know some things I can get him for christmas now, apart from just video games, because he already mentioned that he wants the red bionicle too 😀

Is it embarrassing for me to say that we enjoy playing with toys for kids? Nope! Because if we weren’t like this, our relationship would be quite boring and I’m sure our future kids will enjoy it 😀
We can’t wait to finally have kids so we can go and get all the Lego we can find!! 😉

Alright, that’s it for today!

I’ll talk to you soon!
Well text… whatever!