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The most wonderful time of the year.

Hello everybody!

Thanksgiving is over. We’re officially on our way to christmas.
The most wonderful time of the year.

With December right in front of us, we’re also getting closer to the end of my husbands deployment.

He’s been gone for a few months now and I’m used to it. Sounds harsh, but yeah, I’m used to being alone.

Earlier today i put up the christmas tree. I was watching Greys Anatomy and in the back ground played ‘I’ll be home for christmas’.
That’s when it hit me.
I looked at the undecorated tree and I started crying.
For the first time in a while it got to me.
He won’t be home for christmas, he is still hoping for it, but I’m not. I’m being realistic and he’s more likely to stay away longer.

But then I thought of how it’s gonna be when we will have our belated christmas. I have all his birthday and chrostmas presents piled up, just waiting for him to unwrap them and I can’t wait to see his face.

Those things keep me going. Thoughts like that.
They say the last few weeks are the hardest, and I think they are right.
We have less then 2 months left and I think we’re right in those weeks now. Time is gonna go by super slow and it will feel like an eternity.
But I know we can do this.
We’ll make it through this.
And then I’ll be in his arms again and hold him close.

Have an amazing rest of the weekend everyone.
Talk to you later.
Guess you get it by now…